CONCERT OF STUDENTS’ CONTEMPORARY MUSIC accompanying this year’s conference, will once again provide an opportunity to get to know a very peculiar work of young composition students of Karol Lipinski Academy of Music in Wrocław. This time the concert will disclose fully multicolored sensitivity of the creators on the transmitted through various content emotions – symbolism contained in them.

Undoubtedly one of the most commonly used source of inspiration is the Bible. Yessica Wiatr decided to embody her experiences related to reading one of the most famous Bible stories and transform it into sound material. The Tower of Babel is a piece for 10 voices; it is a musical interpretation of the fragment from Genesis. In the composition we will find three languages: English (words: Patrycja Wiatr), Polish and Latin. The composer defines the piece as chaos, disorder, confusion.

The work of Katarzyna Bem consists of four stylistically distinct parts, and Silva rerum (the title of this piece) literally means “forest of things”. This work is a collection of miscellaneous motives linked by one instrumentation. The individual parts are inspired by the experiences of the composer, associated with communing with various works of art and culture.

In contemporary music, they are known cases of diverse, sometimes quite unusual choice of materials that are inspiration for composers. Victoria Kanawalawa decided to use one of the medical procedures for the construction of musical notation. She used the ECGs of various heart diseases. Each phase of the work is created on the basis of another disease.

The above described examples are just a small fraction of what will meet the audience at this year’s concert of students’ contemporary music. As you can see, young artists do not cease to surprise us with their creativity and remarkable sensitivity to the phenomena that surround us.

The concert will take place on 21.04 (Thursday) at. 19.00 in the Theatre Hall of the Karol Lipinski Academy of Music in Wrocław. The vast majority of works will have their world premiere during the concert. We cordially invite all interested in learning the latest works from the field of music. See you at the concert!