12549118_1255934977756254_4653516484094747514_nMgA. Vladimír Kiseljov

An interdisciplinary artist, focusing on painting, wallpaintings, scenography, direction, performance and art therapy. With his work he captures a stream of energy flowing from his personal experience with music, mythology, fairy-tales and symbolism. He often creates and exhibits his art in public places. He had more than 70 independent exhibitions of paintings inspired by classical music.

He’s been cooperating with Brno Philharmony and with Pilsen Philharmony. He exhibited his works in Wannieck Gallery (Richard Adam Gallery) in Brno, where he gave two live painting performances with music.

He collaborated with excellent musicians such as Zsuzsi Tóth, Raphaël Collignon, Nathalie Houtman, Christian Gutiérrez, Lauren Armishaw, Sarrah L. Ridy, Barbora Sojková, Hana Blažíková, Jan Čižmář, Petr Kolař, Michael Bártek, Lukáš Pelc. In 2013 he published a book with his paintings „Mysteries of Richard Wagner in paintings“.

He is the president of the Richard Wagner Society in Brno; he received a scholarship from Wagner Bayreuth Festspiele (2004) and for Kunstuniverstaet Graz (2006/2007), he represented Brno at the international expert Wagner congresses in Dresden (2009), Stralsund (2010), Wrocław (2011), Prague (2012), Leipzig (2013), Graz (2014), and Dessau (2015).
In 2014 Kiseljov’s works were presented in a book by Martin Fryč, „Současné umění očima Martina Fryče“ (Contemporary Art through eyes of Martin Fryč).

  • Special lecture: Vladimir Kiseljov – Power of music in painting and performanceApril 22, 5:00 PM, Chamber Hall of the Karol Lipiński Academy of Music.

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